Stay in touch with your talents!

You probably know the situation: You have many applicants per year. But not everyone applying can be hired at the moment – even if you think they are interesting talents. How about a simple and exclusive way to stay in contact with these people?
congreet offers a cost effective solution with which you can easily stay in touch with all potential candidates.

congreet Talents Community

Stay in touch with potential candidates

Establish a network of applicants where you can easily and cost-effectively stay in touch with every talent on a long-term basis. Either by sharing news, or through a 1:1 dialogue from employee to candidate.

You are again looking for a new employee. Using matchmaking, you can find potential candidates for the position. Simply search the pool for people with the appropriate knowledge.

In the network you are able to make some rules that candidates can’t see each other. This gives you access to all talents, but the potential candidates can only contact employees or groups of people that have been authorized for them to see.

There is an internal news feed in the congreet software. This allows you to share articles, company news, documents and external links with the Talents Community. Using the comment function, an active exchange on various topics can then take place.
Keep Talents up to date about your company and informabout new job offers.

Secured by a login, your candidates receive exclusive access to the platform.
Personal profiles can be filled in by the members themselves and data can be kept up-to-date.

Use the opportunity to stay in touch with interesting candidates via 1:1 messages. This is the best way to be in direct contact or to address talents when there is a new position available.

*from the perspective of a talent

Your advantages

Keep in Touch

Applicants are supported in your own portal, which is designed according to the corporate design of your company. Information is exchanged quickly and easily via the portal, which is also available as a stand-alone mobile app.

Cost saving

Applicants do not have to be recruited again, what is very expensive. In this way talents can simply be reactivated. Budgets for job advertisements, campaigns or the like are spared.

Employer Branding

A career portal with your own branding and web address underlines the reputation of your company.

Complies to European privacy policy

By registering in your career portal, the applicant agrees to be contacted by you. Candidates maintain their data independently and have full control, up to and including complete deletion.