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Offer your attendees what they want: Networking & Interaction

The must-have for every event

Regardless of whether it is a presence event, hybrid event, online conference or virtual trade fair: the participants want to exchange and network with one another and be able to contribute interactively.

With the congreet event software, you as the organizer will meet these requirements and inspire your participants across the board.

congreet Event Software auf allen Endgeräten

Benefits for your attendees

Matchmaking - Event Software

More relevant business contacts

Thanks to the matchmaking feature, the attendees are brought together on the basis of interests, competencies and fields of activity. This creates more relevant contacts.

Networking - Event Software

More exchange and communication

The numerous communication options such as 1: 1 messages, group and video chats as well as the newsfeed ensure lively exchange and discussions among the participants.

Engagement - Event Software

More options for interaction

Through functions such as live votings and questions to the speaker, the participants can actively contribute and give their feedback and opinion.

Information - Event Software

All information about the event

Regardless of whether it is information about the lectures and speakers or lists of exhibitors. Attendees can find all important informations at a glance. 

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Top features of our event software


The attendees can indicate their interests and fields of competence using predefined keywords in their profile. Relevant contacts are then suggested to the participants on the basis of this information.


The attendee list can be searched via the free text search. The search by interests and competences filters participants who offer what others are looking for.


Direct contact can be established via 1:1 messages and thus the professional network can be maintained or expande


Every member can create an individual profile with contact data, texts, pictures, resume, etc.


In the newsfeed all attendees can share posts, pictures, documents and external links with other participants of the event. An active exchange on event related topics initiated by attendees can then take place in the comments.


The video chat allows participants of events not only to communicate via text messages, but also to call each other directly via video call.

Advantages for you as an organizer

Innovative networking offer

With an innovative networking solution, you can still stand out from the competition and exceed the expectations of the participants here

Feedback from the participants

Enter into a dialogue with your participants and gather suggestions, feedback and opinions on lectures or other offers at your event.

Communication with the participants

Addressing the participants directly has never been easier. You can even send messages to specific groups of participants in a targeted manner.

Evaluation & statistics

Evaluate the activities on the platform and identify the trending topics, that are important for your attendees. Find out who are the top networkers at your event.

How it works

Set up

Create your event yourself using the web interface, or let us do the job. Define matching keywords that are relevant to your guests.


Invite your attendees via Excel import or using the web form. Once the invitation mails have been sent, the networking can start.


Watch real-time statistics to see which topics are important to your attendees. Identify which people are valuable for the event.

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Ticketing & Networking

Inviting participants to network with congreet is now even easier. Link your congreet event with the largest self-service ticketing platform Evenbrite.
With every ticket order, your participants automatically receive an invitation to network with congreet.

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Standard Version

0,- €
  • Up to 30 attendees
  • Free of charge
  • For Small Events
  • For Testing

Premium Version

from 500 €
  • congreet pwa*
  • congreet login screen
  • congreet App
  • Branding of the event

Branded Web Version

from 1000 €
  • All Premium Features
  • Your own pwa*
  • Your own login screen
  • Your own domain

Your App Version

on request
  • All Branded Web Features
  • Your own App
  • In your Corporate Identity
  • App-Store & Google Play

*PWA – Progressive Web App: A progressive web application is a type of application software delivered through the web. It is intended to work on any platform that uses a standards-compliant browser, including both desktop and mobile devices. Source: Wikipedia

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