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The features of the congreet Community Software at a glance

Here you can find an overview of all functions and features of the congreet Community Software.

Whether you want to build an online community for your customers, your employees, association or club members, the congreet Community Software offers you all the features you need. 

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Networking & Matchmaking

Help your community members make better contacts and have more exchange.

Personal Profile

In the profile, that can be designed individually, the members can introduce themselves.


The intelligent matchmaking algorithm ensures relevant and valuable contacts within the online community.


Members can make appointments and manage them in their own community calendar.

Smart Search

Through the search based on keywords, members can quickly find interesting contacts.

Proposal List

Community members with similar interests and skills are proposed to each other.


Offer your members a variety of communication options. 

1:1 Chat

A 1:1 chat is available for personal contact and direct messages.

Chat Groups

Discussions on specific topics can be held in chat groups.

Video Chat

Virtual face-to-face conversations can be held by members directly in the tool.

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The Marketplace module can be used in different ways, here are some use cases.


Products or services can be offered in the marketplace.

Job Market

Job offers can be presented to members in the job market.

Real Estate Market

Real estate offers can also be featured in the marketplace module.

Venture Capital Market

A market for finding investors and venture capitalists.

Seminars & Workshops

The marketplace is also suitable for the presentation of further education offers.


Tenders can also be presented in a well-structured manner.


Provide information to your members in a variety of ways.


In the newsfeed you can inform your members about news and updates.


Answer common questions for your members in an FAQ section.

Knowledge Base

Make valuable knowledge available to your members in a knowledge base.

Info Pages

You can present general information on freely designable info pages.

Individual Member Information

The organizer can provide individual details for each member.

Push Message

Important information can be sent to members via push message.

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Direct communication and interaction between you and your community members.


Offer live video content to your members via live stream.


Through polls and live votings, members can give you feedback.

Suggest Keywords

Members can suggest keywords for matchmaking themselves.

Online Meeting Rooms

Group discussions, meetings and smaller workshops in a video chat.


Customize the community platform to meet your individual needs.

Customized Design

Colors and images of the user interface can be customized according to your CI.

Member Groups

Define different member groups with different rights.

Own Domain

Your members reach the online community via your individual domain.

Custom Mail Templates

All e-mail templates can be customized as you like.

Own Mail Server

A custom mail server can be used to send the system e-mails.

Member Labels

Assign labels to members according to their member groups.

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Manage the community platform with an easy-to-use backend.

Evaluation & Statistics

The backend provides valuable statistics on member interactions.

Multiple Administrators

The platform can be easily managed by multiple administrators.

Member Registration

The member registration is done directly via access key or via invitation email.


As a community operator, you do not have to worry about updates of the software.


The management of members, groups and rights is simple and straightforward.


Members can be imported into the system individually or through an Excel file.


Connect our community software with other services and providers.

API Integration

The community platform can be integrated into other systems via API.

Single Sign On

If several tools are in use, the logins can be linked via iFrame.

Integration of Websites

Websites can be integrated into the platform via iFrame.

Embedding in your Website

The online community can easily be embedded in your website.

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Data Protection

Offer your community members a platform where privacy is guaranteed.

100% GDPR compliant

We comply with all regulations of the European GDPR.

Server Location Germany

All data is processed and stored only in Germany.

Data Processing Agreement

We conclude a data processing agreement with our customers.

IT Security

We work with the latest security systems to protect your data.


Make the online community easily accessible to your members.

From Event to Community

Build your online community with the help of events.

Premium, Branded Web
& Your App Version

Depending on the requirements, we offer different versions of our software.

Web & App

Our community software can be used via browser and as an app.


The software runs on a wide range of devices and operating systems.

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