Featured Features: Eventbrite interface

Eventbrite is the world’s largest ticketing and events platform, used in over 170 countries. In 2017, more than three million events were handled through it. congreet has an interface to the Eventbrite system, which can automatically transfer the data. If an event visitor purchases a ticket via Eventbrite, the relevant data is automatically transferred to the congreet system. The organizer can decide whether the participants are automatically invited for networking after the ticket purchase or manually at a specified time. This saves the event organizer the manual import process. Moreover, latecomers at registration do not need to be manually updated, but are invited automatically.

This results in an always up-to-date participant base for networking. The cyclical, manual reloading of data when new participants are added is no longer necessary. Especially when participants are still registering on the day of the event, the organizer team usually has no time to take care of technical things like export and import of attendee lists.

This is how it works

In the “settings” section, you can easily create the link to an Eventbrite event. By clicking you will be redirected to the Eventbrite-Login and only have to enter your access data for. You can then select the corresponding event at Eventbrite and decide whether the system should send out the networking invitations automatically directly after the ticket purchase or manually at a specified time.

Limited license – what happens if too many participants register?

A license with congreet is always limited to a corresponding number of participants. If more participants buy a ticket than your license allows, you as the organizer will receive a notification via email. In this case, a call or email to the congreet team is sufficient to extend your license accordingly. All attendees who have purchased a ticket in the meantime will then be automatically imported into the congreet system.

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