Featured Features: Registration with access key

With the introduction of the “access key” in the congreet system, there are now two different processes for participants to register for an event. Firstly, via the invitation mail as known. In this option, the organizer sends the invitation mail with the individualized registration link to all participants via the congreet system. The link is designed so that only the recipient can register. This ensures that only guests invited by the host can participate in the networking.


The alternative option for the registration process now offers the so-called access key. This is a code defined by the organizer with which anyone who knows it can register. This now offers the possibility that every participant can pass on the access key to acquaintances and thus the event community can grow further.

This keyword for events can also be printed on roll-ups, flyers or banners, for example, and distributed to participants on the very day of the event. This can significantly increase the participation rate in online networking.

The access key makes it even easier to integrate the networking tool into the communication and advertising process. This access key can be integrated into every newsletter and mailing and organizers do not have to send a dedicated email from the congreet tool. The only drawback is that the event community is not quite as exclusive as it is with the invitation mail.

Or you can combine both options: Organizers can invite all participants by invitation mail via the congreet tool and define an event key. This allows you to communicate the use of the networking tool in advance via this mail, for example, and then print the event key on various advertising materials on the day of the event.

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