Featured Features: Different groups of attendees

The feature “different groups of attendees” is especially exciting for the event software if organizers want to categorize their attendees differently. For example, to separate exhibitors from visitors or to highlight speakers at an event. In communities, this option is useful for visually distinguishing the organizer team from the members.

In this way, these groups can be treated differently by the system and each has its own rights.

It is possible to define up to four different groups. The members of the groups are displayed in separate lists in the app and in the web interface. Without changing the rights structure, the added value is mainly to give the users a better overview. In addition, the organizer can send group-specific broadcasts to individual attendee groups, such as a specific message to exhibitors only.

Decide if you want attendees to match!

The following rights can be defined in detail for the groups (each in relation to all other groups):

  • Display participants
    Can the members of one group see the members of another group, or see that another group exists?
  • View participant profile
    If the members of another group are visible in the participant list, this function can be used to prevent viewing detailed information (personal profile).
  • View profile picture
    Are the profile pictures of other group members visible?
  • Matching
    Is there a matching with the members of the other group?
  • Send messages and arrange appointments
    Are members allowed to send messages to other participants or to make appointments?

Standard applications for events

Organizers like to use this function in the area of trade fairs. At job fairs, for example, applicants should not be allowed to see or contact each other. In general, this feature is suitable for trade fairs. It allows exhibitors and visitors to be separated and makes it easier for users to find their way around. Furthermore, the tool can also highlight special groups of participants, such as organizers or speakers.

The function of the different attendee groups is available on request to all organizers using congreet. The definition of the rights may only be done by the congreet team, as this requires more background knowledge about the consequences. A networking tool where participants cannot see or contact each other only makes sense in very defined use cases. Organizers can contact the congreet team at any time. We will be happy to provide advice on the topic and implement the defined requirements.

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