Featured Features: Individual proposal list

In the congreet app, members of a community or the participants of an event receive a individual proposal list for people who share their interests. Depending on the selection of interests, the system calculates a corresponding percentage. This shows you how interesting this contact is.

MatchmakingAfter participants have selected interests, so-called keywords, the system suggests interesting contacts via the built-in matching function. From the other participants, the system selects those who are also interested in the same topics. To what extent all selected keywords match is shown by the percentage. If a person meets all selected criteria, the matching shows 100 percent. The proposal list is displayed immediately after the interests have been entered. In addition, the list of participants is sorted according to the matching.

The more keywords are selected, the more difficult it is to find a 100 percent match. But this is not the intention of the system. It is much more the case that you can interpret the suggestion lists by looking at the profiles of the contacts and then decide. If another member has indicated many interests, it is possible that the percentage is small, but you can exchange very well with the contact on a certain topic. This also shows that maintaining your own profile with background information supports potential, other contacts to perceive you as an interesting conversation partner.

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