congreet features at a glance

An overview of all functions of the event and community software. The combination of event and community features is possible at any time.

Top features

B2B - Matchmaking

By selecting predefined interests and competencies, members can structure their profile. On the basis of this, interesting contact suggestions are created.

Personal profile

Every member can create an individual profile with contact data, texts, pictures, resume, etc.


The member or participant list can be searched via the free text search. The search by interests and competences filters members who offer what others are looking for.


In the newsfeed all members can share posts, pictures, documents and external links with the (event) community. Using the comment function, an active exchange on various topics initiated by members can then take place.


Direct contact can be established via 1:1 messages and thus the professional network can be maintained or expanded.

1:1 Video Chat

The video chat allows participants of events or members of communities not only to communicate via text messages, but also to call each other directly via video call.

For attendees and members

For organizers