Featured Features: Free choice of mail server

You decide which mail server to use

In certain cases, attendees will receive different notifications via e-mail from the congreet system. The organizer can define and personalize the content of these notification emails using customizable templates at congreet. But not only that is customizable!

Although congreet sends the mails in the background, you as the organizer can determine which email server is used. On the one hand, you can link your own, known server. This server will then also be displayed to the participants as the sender. Otherwise, you can also access the mail server provided by congreet, but change the name displayed.

System emails from known sender

The advantage of the congreet-internal mail server is its simplicity of use: Put a check mark in congreet – done. However, organizers often wish that e-mails are sent from their own server. This is no problem either. Simply enter the required parameters in the mask provided. You can quickly check whether everything works by sending a test mail.

If you use your own mail server, you must be aware that, depending on the size of the event or community, a large number of e-mails may have to be sent. Only such restrictions should be in place that do not impair a smooth process. Occasionally the number of e-mails allowed to be sent per hour is limited, for example to 50. These are restrictions on the IT side of the organizer, not at congreet. Often, however, IT can temporarily disable these restrictions.

One solution for all situations

If you do not have the possibility to receive the mail server data, we have another option for you. You can also create and use a temporary domain address with a mail server at a large provider for very little money. The congreet team will support you in any case: in communicating with the IT department, or even in registering a temporary web address for your own mail server. For each event or community you can decide which mail server you want to use as the sender.

By the way: Many people now react very sensitively to every additional e-mail. Unfortunately, congreet cannot do without it when registering due to the double opt-in principle. The frequency of other e-mail notifications can be determined by each participant. The frequency ranges from “every minute” to “never send” – so that everyone can determine their own preferences.

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