Featured Features: Marketplace & job market

With the feature “Marketplace” you offer your participants and members the possibility to present, sell and advertise products and offers. The feature can be used in different ways:

As a marketplace

Members can place products, services or services through advertisements and offer them for sale. In addition, requests can also be published or offers can be made to exchange or to give away.

As a job market

Due to the high degree of personalization in the organizer backend, the marketplace can be used at job fairs or in the recruiting area as a job market. Company representatives can thus publish job advertisements.

congreet - Marketplace

If the marketplace is activated, members will find it right next to the “Home” area in a new menu item. This menu item can be named individually. For example marketplace or job market – depending on the use case. New ads can be created in this area. With headline, picture and text, participants can present products, services and job offers. In case of interest, contact can be established either directly via congreet – using the message function – or via e-mail or telephone. A note about the advertisement that was the reason for the contact is automatically generated by the system in the subject line.

In order to structure and filter the ads, the “Marketplace” feature also includes the proven keywords. These are created specifically for the marketplace by the organizer. By tagging ads, they can be easily found by other members, or participants are notified directly when an ad with the corresponding keywords is inserted.

As in the newsfeed, ads in the marketplace can be commented and marked as interesting. If an ad is commented or marked as interesting, the author receives a notification via push message or e-mail.

If users consider the frequency of a user’s ads to be inappropriate or disturbing, anyone can mute this user and thus hide the postings. If the opinion changes, postings can be reactivated at any time.

Make advertisements attractive

If a product or service is to be advertised and the options in the overview are not sufficient, the advertisement in the marketplace can be designed with greater detail. This is because in the “Design advertisement” module there are additional options to insert headings, images, texts and links and thus to describe and market the product even further. This function is also particularly suitable for setting up job advertisements in more detail. For example, the scope of a job can be described and the requirements for applicants. A link can be used to create a reference to the company’s website.

congreet - Marketplace advertisement

Marketplace ad visitors

In the backend, organizers can decide whether the authors of marketplace ads can find out who has looked at the ad more closely. If this function is activated, authors will receive a notification in the notification window as soon as someone has clicked the “Show more” link of an ad and thus viewed the ad more intensively. The author can then contact the ad visitor accordingly.

Add contact persons to ad

Whether as a job market, for product advertisements, events, as a virtual exhibition or for the presentation of companies – for each entry you can add corresponding contact persons for a direct contact possibility. Simply select them from the participants and link the profiles. This way, interested parties can get in touch with the right people directly.

Additional functions for organizers

Some features help event organizers or community owners to monitor and organize the marketplace contributions that participants publish. For example, every administrator has the right to delete, hide or modify content to keep inappropriate ads out of the community or event. Following on from this, comments can also be generally blocked for the marketplace.

In addition, administrators also have the option of publishing their own ads. Selected contributions can be fixed at the top of the market place and are always directly present for the users. This gives special attention to a special ad.

You as the organizer decide whether participants can publish ads in the marketplace. This way you can reserve the right to fill the marketplace exclusively with ads that you place. If you use the group function, you can also decide whether all, none or only selected groups can publish ads in the marketplace. In a job market, for example, it would make sense that only companies have the possibility to publish job ads.
If a marketplace is not interesting for all groups, you can also display it only for the relevant groups.

One community several marketplaces

Within a community or event you don’t have to decide which type of marketplace you want to integrate. Many different marketplaces can also be integrated. So you can integrate a job market at the same time as a trading place – or other use cases for which you need a market place.

One marketplace several communities

The congreet software also offers the possibility to integrate a marketplace – a job market or a marketplace – into several communities or events. This allows participants from different communities to access the same ads. As a result, the ads in the marketplace have a greater reach and synergies between events and communities can be exploited.


The facts at a glance

  • Different areas of application – as a trading place, job market, advertising space, etc.
  • Advertisements from members for members
  • Marketplace keywords to filter and categorize
  • Administration of the ads in the organizer backend is possible
  • Multilingual (English & German)
  • Make advertisements attractive

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