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Every participant of the event or member of a community has the possibility to create his own personal profile at congreet. Detailed information about the person, especially related to the event or the corresponding community of interest. This increases the chances for making valuable contacts and networking becomes even easier and more efficient.

Private Community

Persönliches ProfilA personal profile at congreet is always especially dedicated to the specific community. This may be a community of interest or the networking platform for an event. This enables visitors to create a profile that is oriented to the subject of the event or the community. In contrast to profiles on platforms such as LinkedIn or Xing, where a profile must be addressed to all persons. congreet makes it possible to provide other members with more specific information. This requires a registration with email address and password.
Many will ask themselves: “Why register again?”
It is only possibility to access a closed community with a registration. Only authorized persons have access to special information and profiles of other participants. In order to provide this protection, a registration of the individual participants is necessary.

Detailed information in the personal profile

While a general profile requires balanced and comprehensive information, a profile at congreet allows you to focus more precisely on the topic of the event or the community. Because the other members are also interested in this topic. For example, few people will write on their LinkedIn profile that they need funding. But if it is an event, for example, where investors are looking for opportunities, this information is essential. Or if you are a member of a special interest group, you can position yourself as an expert in the corresponding area with your profile. Since this is personal information, it is important that it is only visible to participants of the event or community. No search engine can find them. The networking takes place in a virtually protected room.

Each participant decides for themselves what information they want to publish. Only the first name and surname are absolutely necessary, otherwise networking cannot take place. In further more, each participant decides for himself if he wants to publish data like phone number, address or company name. In addition, there is the possibility to add further information about yourself, your own career, links or pictures to your profile. All information is and remains voluntary.

Via the integrated chat and appointment system, every participant who has registered in the system can be easily reached by other participants even without further contact data.

Guided onboarding with the setup wizard

In the backend, organizers can activate the so-called setup wizard. Directly after registering for an event or community, the participants are guided through the first steps in the profile creation process. The fact that the participants are asked for contact data in the first step and the keyword query in the next step automatically improves the maintenance of profiles and makes them more meaningful.

More opportunities to make valuable contacts

For professional networking with congreet, a well maintained profile is very valuable. Other users already know more about the person and actively approach others when they have interesting offers to offer. Experience shows that a photo, selected keywords and information about the person significantly increases the chances of making good contacts. Maintaining a personal profile takes only a few minutes. The better the personal profile, the easier it is to find yourself and to get to know new people. You should not miss this chance!

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