Featured Features: Suggest keywords

These are keywords that are specified by the organizer for matching at congreet. The organizer uses terms that reflect the interests of his users. There are different matching lists to structure the terms thematically. If participants select their interests from the keywords, the matchmaking can take place. If terms are missing, participants can suggest them.

Interests of the attendees

Organizers usually have an exact picture of which topics are of concern to their target group. This knowledge flows into the definition of keywords. However, there can always be other topics that are of interest to the attendees. This is precisely why congreet has a feature that allows members to make suggestions for keywords themselves. This feature is often used by organizers to involve participants more closely and generate new insights. Organizers often only create a small range of keywords and let the members add the rest.

Keywords vorschlagen

This is how it works

If a user wants to suggest a certain term, he or she can enter it in the mask provided for this purpose. The organizer receives a notification that a new keyword suggestion is available. This can then either be rejected or accepted, stating a reason. The latter releases the keyword for matching and members can select it to make interesting contacts on this topic.

The size of a matching list

We are often asked how many keywords a matching list should contain. However, we can never give a blanket answer to this question. The number of keywords always depends on the number of users and their interests. The more users, the more detailed the keywords should be. Because this way, more targeted matches are created from a large number of users. With fewer members, it makes sense to take the terms a little broader to generate a certain amount of matches. Basically it helps to put yourself in the users’ shoes. How large may the list of keywords be that they still read through and carefully select interests?

The function to suggest keywords can be activated or deactivated. So if you notice that the matching lists become too large, you can simply deactivate the suggest option.

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