Featured Features: From event to community

Event organizers are aware of the situation: During the event, you are in close contact with the participants and the target group. But as soon as the post-processing of the event is over, there is silence – until the next event takes place. How would it be if during these phases there was a community in which the participants could stay in contact with each other, organizers could share current topics and draw the attention of the target group to new events?

With the “from event to community” feature at congreet, you can easily turn your event networking platform into a long-term community. Within a very short time, the congreet team will convert the event platform into a community platform upon request. This allows participants to seamlessly use the community software without having to register or log in again.

congreet - Transfer Event Community

New members thanks to networking events

One of the most important questions community managers ask themselves is probably how new members come into the community. One possible option for this would be to transfer participants from various networking events (at congreet) directly into the community. In other words, if you organize several events throughout the year with congreet, you can transfer participants directly into the community with a simple setting. This can be directly after the first login, or at a time period of your choice.

If participants agree to this “transfer”, the individual profiles including profile data are copied directly into the community and a new registration is no longer necessary. In this way you can easily fill your community with new participants who have already been to your events. Now all you have to do is convert them into active members of your community.

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