Featured Features: Premium, Branded Web & Your App Version

If you want to establish an event, you first think about a branding that distinguishes your own event from others and creates an individual brand image. With the new versions of congreet, you now have the opportunity to communicate this brand image via the event and networking app congreet.

Creating an individual design is now possible at congreet in every version. This means you can personalize and design your event at congreet in your own colors and with your own logos and images. Depending on the different versions, you can increase the degree of personalization even further. From the event to your own app for download in the store.

It is the same with the community. At this point, the branding of the platform also makes a positive contribution to the image. With the different versions of congreet, you now have the opportunity to communicate this brand image via the event and community software congreet.

An overview of the different versions

congreet - Versions overview

Standard and Premium Version

Choose the free Standard Version (up to 30 participants) or the Premium Version if you want to use the congreet platform with individual event design. Participants can register and log in for your event on the congreet website or in the congreet app. Networking takes place in the personalized event, but participants access the event via the congreet interface.

Branded Web Version

The Branded Web version has more to offer. You can personalize the login area as well as the individual design of the event. This means that your participants already enter your branding via a login page. In addition, you will receive your own URL in this version. This means you can offer your participants their own event platform that fully reflects your branding. congreet takes a back seat and is no longer recognizable as a software provider. Only if you would like to offer your participants an app in the store in addition to the Progressive Web App, they can use the congreet app.


Your App Version

With the Your App version you create your OWN event networking platform! Your own event design, individual platform and a branded app in the store. This way you can offer your participants a networking experience that reflects your corporate identity from A to Z. And you don’t have to worry about anything technical. Of course, we, congreet GmbH, will take care of setting up the platform and publishing it in the App Store for you!

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