Featured Features: Evaluation and statistics

For organizers, a special focus is on evaluating events in the post event period or keeping up to date with how members interact in the community. Through the evaluations and statistics you will get to know your target group better.

This is exactly what the evaluations within the congreet software are based on: Getting to know your target group a little better in order to

  • tailor the following events even more precisely to the target group.
  • to steer marketing messages more purposefully.
  • identify top networkers.
  • to recognize trends.

In the backend, organizers can evaluate the interests of the target groups, assess the networking intensity and identify exciting members. In particular, the parameters described below can be evaluated with congreet.

Numbers of attendees

Is the software used by the attendees? In the evaluation you can see how many users have registered at congreet, and how intensively they use the application, for example by looking at the login numbers per day.

User figures

Auswertungen und Statistiken

You want to see if the attendees use the software intensively and when? This can be best evaluated using the activity diagram. Can you perhaps derive peaks there? When are your users particularly active? Use this information to send broadcasts or newsletters at this time.

Another good way to see whether members are using congreet is to evaluate their profile visits. Personally, I think this number is very important. Because compared to contacts and messages it is usually very high. And this shows that there is a great need among the attendees to see who else is in the (event) network.

With the extended profile, your users have the possibility to provide detailed information about their CV, as well as further descriptions of the person. On request, the congreet team will provide you with an Excel file containing all the data of your participants that were entered at congreet, including the selected interests.

Request participant data >

Dates, messages and interest

Members can arrange appointments, send messages, markother participants as interesting or put a bookmark on them. As an organizer, you can evaluate precisely these actions numerically. See directly how many messages were written or how many “likes” were given.

Top networkers

Receive an evaluation of the 25 top networkers in your (event) community. Who has made the most contacts and who has been contacted the most? Does this help you to find out whether a person was particularly interesting for other participants? The Top Likes will also show you which persons have aroused the interest of other participants.

At events: If it is perhaps a speaker – then you should definitely book him or her again for the next event.


Auswertungen und Statistiken

As we all know, the best comes last. For this purpose, the evaluation of the interests of the members was selected. You can attach particular importance to these figures, as they were given out of self-interest. Normally you would generate this information from participants or customers from questionnaires or other surveys. At congreet, however, they enter their interests because they can then take personal advantage of them. This is Business Matchmaking. Accordingly, these evaluations provide you with very concrete information about the interests of your target group.

Topic X was chosen by a particularly large number of users? Then perhaps you should invite a key note speaker on this topic at the next event or occupy this topic in the news feed significantly more often. Why not?

Search statistics

The search for persons and the search for keywords (keyword browsing) is important for a targeted matching. You as the organizer receive an evaluation of the search terms. In this way you can quickly find out which topics are important for your target group and identify trends.

Registration rate for events

At this point, I would like to briefly comment on the registration rate. Many organizers are disappointed at first that they do not achieve a 100 percent participation rate for congreet. I can reassure you, that is quite normal. On average, about 30-50 percent of participants register at congreet. That doesn’t seem like much at first glance. But think of those who use the tool. In the tool you will find exactly those who want to network intensively. And if the number of registered participants exceeds 30, everyone will find a suitable network partner.

All in all, congreet should not be used to evaluate the event as precisely as possible, but rather to offer participants added value and support networking.

However, the evaluations should also give you as the organizer the opportunity to get to know your participants even better. So take advantage of this opportunity with congreet.

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