Featured Features: Live Voting

Live voting (or live polling) is a feature of the congreet app that encourages interaction among participants. With this feature, organizers can ask short questions to the audience for voting. They can then share the results with the audience on a presentation screen.

Voting in the audience by show of hands is history. With the new live voting feature, participants of an event can easily give their opinion on a specific topic by using the congreet app. Whether it’s the evaluation of a presentation, votes on the content or short questions about the event: the live voting function makes it easy to get the opinion of the audience.

How it works

Live Voting

As organizer, you can either prepare all the questions that are to be put to the audience during the event, or you can post them spontaneously. As soon as you activate a question, the participants receive a push notification on their smartphone (app installation required). You as organizer can additionally decide whether an email notification should be sent. Each participant is now enabled to participate in the voting once. One question can be active at any time. After the question is finished and closed, the evaluation can be presented to the audience via beamer or monitor.

There are different ways of designing a question. In addition to the actual question, it is always possible to add a short description text. You can choose between the following options for the possible answers:

  • Mood:
    Three smileys are available to the participants as a response option. One laughing, one neutral and one sad. This option is perfect for asking for a quick feedback.
  • Checkbox:
    You determine which answers are available and how many of them the participants may select. For example, you can offer five answer choices from which participants can choose up to three.
  • Radio Button:
    The well-known question-answer game: You define as many answers as you like, the participants can choose an answer.

The report

The evaluation of the questions is performed in the organizer backend. Here you can see how many people have currently participated and the distribution of the answers in absolute and percentage figures. If you would like to show the evaluation to the audience on a presentation area after the end of the event, there is a special website for this purpose. This can also be displayed without access to the organizer backend. This way you can pass the link on to your technical staff without having to tell them your congreet password.

The “Live Voting” function with the “Ask the Speaker” module offers the optimal combination to promote the interaction of the participants. Both functions are available in the Premium Event.

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