Featured Features: Live-Stream

The live stream feature is perfect for organizers who want to hold their events or webinars easily and without complex animations. With its embedded live streams, the congreet platform can therefore act as an all-in-one solution. Your participants have everything within one login: from the list of participants to networking and live streams on different stages including voting and questions to the speakers.

Integrate your live streams easily

In the event info area, congreet can install up to four stages, each of which can show different live streams. The integration of the streams is very uncomplicated. The link to the streaming platform such as YouTube can be added in the organizer backend. The stream is then visible for participants.

Live-Stream, Networking & co.

Once the live streams are integrated, participants only have one platform for the online event or webinar. A platform on which networking as well as talks and interactive event formats are possible.

Your guests register with a personal profile and can network with other participants, meet the right people through intelligent matchmaking and at the same time listen to the presentations of the event. If questions arise during a presentation, they can be asked directly in the question module and answered accordingly by the speaker. More interaction can be achieved through short votings, which are displayed directly above the live stream.


A button “open in new window” allows the live stream to be opened in a new window at the same time. All other functions, such as news, browsing in other profiles and following the news feed, can be used parallel to the live stream.

The functionality of the live stream works in the browser as well as mobile optimized on the smartphone. Especially the embedding of the live stream is suitable for hybrid events. This way, visitors who are not live on site can still follow the live streams and equally interact with the participants in the online networking area.

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